Welcome, Deidre, to Team Insula!

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Today we’re excited to officially announce that Deidre, aka “SciFiGirlGamez”, has joined our team as our Social Media Manager!

SciFi’s interest in creating art through animation and video games is what started her on her journey in the pursuit of a career in the industry years ago. Since then, she has become a well-rounded artist and a professional 3D Animator. When she’s not animating for her work, she’s still stretching her other artistic abilities through creative writing, digital art, costuming, and streaming on Twitch! How she can do all of that at once is an impressive feat and a mystery, even to her. 

Through the magical power of winging things she most definitely shouldn’t wing, and the eagerness to share her creativity with those around her, she’s been behind the scenes using her skills for the good of Insula! We are excited to see what else she has in store for us as a member of our team.

It has come to our attention that unknown individuals are reaching out to those within the industry posing as representatives for our company. Please treat these messages as spam/phishing emails. At this time we are not engaging in any email distributed contact. We are taking steps to prevent this and appreciate your understanding while we manage this situation. To reach our staff directly, please join our discord at "Discord.gg/PlayInsula".