Battle Royale Redefined

Cascading waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, breathtaking canyons... Man eating plants, killer rodents, rogue mechanicals...
Custom build the ultimate war machine in your own image. Your theme, your build, your play style. You are in control.
A living world, as deadly as it is beautiful. The other combatants are only one of your worries, and not always the most threatening!


Welcome to Insula, the BR, that's not a BR. Insula is moreso, a creative vision, of what a BR could be. While it is based on the primary underlying concepts of the BR genre, we have strived to give it depth, and turn it into an experience you will truly remember. We have removed the more blatant and cumbersome mechanics and replaced them with system designs that we believe will give you, the player, a more engaging experience... a sense of purpose.

Insula is not just a battlefield where a bunch of players will duke it out for bragging rights. It has history, it has a life of its own. It is a living world with many experiences waiting to be discovered. It is beautiful, it is primal, it is deadly. It just also happens to be the locale of a great warriors battle. Will you be that warrior?

Welcome to Insula, we hope you enjoy our vision!

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How you build your bot not only effects how you look, but also your stats. Stats effect many aspects of gameplay, how you move, how you fight, what abilities you can use. Build your bot, build your playstyle!
Choose special abilities to use in combat. Your final stat block will determine what abilities you have access to. Choose from passive effects, utility, combat enhancements, and even "oh sh*t buttons"!
Choose your weapon, choose your style! Customization and play style are important, you can customize your melee style just as you customize your armor. Insula has a real melee combat system with combos, breakers, closers and more!
Bounties are the heart and soul of Insula: Bounty Royale. Hunt down other players and defeat them to claim the bounties on their heads, but be warned, the better you are, the more others will want to add your name to their trophy list.
Insula has multiple levels of vertical play space, providing some unique playstyle and tactical options. You even come equipped with your very own Jump Jets for some crazy physics based flight and aerial combat!


The floating island of Insula is both beautiful and extremely deadly. The various biomes that make up the islands' ecosystem are home to all manner of frightful beasts. These creatures may be territorial, short tempered, or flat out hungry... some just kill for sport.

The environment itself also poses it's own array of threats. There are no shortages of danger here on Insula. Happy trails settler!

Then there's the pyramid. No one knows what it is, or where it came from. But when that thing appeared... the whole place went to hell.

Instruments of War

Custom Built – Battle Ready

Your theme  ♦  Your build  ♦  Your play style

The Crew

Brains behind the madness



Lauren Headley
Social Media Master

Lauren is from the great country of Texas, but has visited almost every state in the lower 48. She has been doing social media and marketing for the last decade without being afraid of some genuine humor. Lauren is our smallest member but also the social media master, aka, the woman behind the screen.

Favorite Music: 70s Funk
Favorite Shows: New Girl, Scrubs, Grey’s
Favorite Quote: “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” – Edgar Degas



Ethan McKinnon
Art Lead / World Design

LuclinFTW comes to us from the grand state of Washington. He is a fantastic artist, with vast creative vision, which he has used to great effect, really bringing the world of Insula alive!

As the tallest member of the team, he also has the extremely important responsibility of getting the cookies off of the top shelf!

Favorite Music: Heavy Metal
Favorite Shows: My Little Pony
Favorite Quote: “You know what would be cool? What if we added…”



Taj James
Programming Lead / Systems Engineering

iZtrahd currently resides in the vast expanse of Texas, though originally from Indiana. He has been programming almost since he could walk, and wrote his first game when he was 12. He currently does all of the programming, implementation, and integration for the project.

Translation: Most of the bugs you find are his fault!

Favorite Music: Heavy Metal / Classical
Favorite Shows: Hellsing Ultimate OVA / Sword Art Online / Sherlock
Favorite Quote: “Fear not my insanity, but rather the mind it protects!”



Anthony Shrader Jr.
Associate Producer / Game Writer

Shrader hails from the far off region known as Pennsylvania. No one knows much about this race of people, or the mysterious lands from which they come, but he does write a mean story, and has an uncanny talent for giving even our crazy mix-pot of ideas cohesion and plausibility!

Favorite Music: Alternative Rock
Favorite Shows: Tokyo Ghoul / The Office
Favorite Quote: “I will eviscerate you in fiction. Every pimple, every character flaw. I was naked for a day; you will be naked for eternity”



Jake Bullington
Systems Administrator

YellowSnoflake, (don’t ask… we don’t), regardless of his questionable choice of wintertime activity, he keeps the servers running, the backends logging, and the clients connecting!

Protip: This is the guy you will rant and rave at and complain to.

Favorite Music: Heavy Metal
Favorite Shows: Hellsing Ultimate OVA / Sword Art Online
Favorite Quote: “Uuuuuuuur Ahhhhrrrrr Uhrrrr Ahhhhhrrrrrr Aaaarhg… – Chewbacca”



Ethan McKinnon Jr.
3-D Motion Graphics Designer

LilEthan has turned out to be quite the talented young artist, he started as one of the primary designers on the robots, creating custom skins, and 3D Addons for them, but quickly showed a good talent for creating cinematics.  He is now working on creating all the flashy teaser and trailer stuff you will be seeing in the near future!

Now if we can just get him to quit putting his dang mic on mute every time he joins a call!

Favorite Music: Everything except country and classical
Favorite Shows: Breaking Bad, Dexter
Favorite Quote: “Since when do vegans eat fried chicken?” – Hank: Breaking Bad