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Greetings fans, loyal patrons, gaming enthusiasts, and people who got here by accidentally clicking the wrong link! This, is Tales from the Dev Cave, a development blog to record the zany, whacked out, frustrating and rewarding journey as we move Insula, from prototype, into the full development phase!

Within these hallowed halls, we will document our journey, consume copious amounts of coffee and try our best to keep the swear words filtered out of the actual writings. You will find updates on features and mechanics as they are implemented into the pre-alpha build, screenshots, videos, a ton of bugs and maybe even announcements for a play test or three!

It is here, that we will bring our vision to life, and we invite all of you to follow along, take part in discussion, share our victories as well as our defeats, and troll away to your hearts content! (That last part was a joke, trolls will be shot on site!)

It will be a long and often bumpy road, but with your help, it will be a fun ride!