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Massive expanses of beautiful, fertile farmlands, gently rolling hills, soft sunsets and cool breezes... Not on Insula! This off-world mining colony is harsh, visceral, and.... well ok, it may be just a bit "vibrant" in places, but hey, you can't be all doom and gloom right? The surface of this mining island spans the gamut from lakeshore to forest, desert to mountains, harsh craggy peaks, deep ravines, underground caverns and caves. And the whole place is dotted with grating metal structures, some small, some towering hundreds of feet above the islands' surface.

In Insula, we wanted just as much vertical play area as horizontal, and with great responsibility comes... oh wait, that's not the right quote... Anyhow, with all of this great division in the play area formed by the mountains and ravines, we needed a way for players to get from one area to another that would not force them to traverse half of the breadth of the island to get to a neighboring sector. We thought long. We thought hard. And now, it is our profound pleasure to present to you... JUMP JETS! Why? Cause... AWESOME! 😀